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Influence of good lighting on your health

It is still sometimes underestimated that lighting plays a very important role on human health and well-being. It is certainly important to take this into account when choosing to light a specific room. It is after all the lighting that has a determining role in the appearance of a room and to a lesser extent the decoration. It is also good to take into account the influence of good lighting on your health when making your choices on this website.

The influence of light on our mindset

The influence of light on our mindset is very recognizable to many people. Waking up in daylight gives you an energetic feeling. The moment you have to wake up when it’s still dark outside, this will often be much more difficult. This is why people find it harder to get out of bed in the winter.

A similar effect is seen when daylight can shine into a home or office space. You are then much more able to concentrate better and perform better. This is because with our biorhythms we automatically react to the rhythm of day and night. When we go along with this we feel ourselves healthier and more energetic. Light promotes concentration, the appetite and reduces stress levels with medical help.

Which lighting for a healthy indoor environment?

The above brings us to the choice of suitable lighting indoors. Unfortunately, not every place will have enough light shining in from the outside and we cannot do without artificial light. Fortunately, there are quite a few choices in this regard. After all, it is very important for your well-being and health to choose lighting that suits the purpose of using a specific living space. When choosing suitable lighting for a healthy indoor environment, you can make a distinction between basic lighting (for fully illuminating a room), task lighting, mood lighting and accent lighting.

If you use a room as an office, you will choose direct light sources for this, i.e. task lighting. This ensures good, functional lighting to perform “tasks” as well as possible. If you want to furnish a room in an atmospheric way, you will choose indirect light. This often involves the reflection of lighting through the wall and / or ceiling which gives a nice atmospheric effect. Another atmospheric effect is diffused light. This is lighting that does not shine directly into a room but completely through the lampshade or fixture. Finally, accent lighting can be chosen to provide extra light for a specific element in the interior (a piece of furniture or painting). The most important basis of your choice of lighting is that it connects with your health and well-being.